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RAID Data Recovery

raid-data-recoveryRAID data recovery is internationally regarded as one of the most intricate and challenging types of data recovery. This is primarily because of the very nature of RAID systems, which offer unparalleled benefits that are sometimes offset by the difficulty of RAID data recovery in the event that your system becomes damaged or inaccessible. Our technicians have successfully completed thousands of RAID data recovery projects and are considered among the most competent in the world with RAID systems data recovery.

Platinum Data Recovery offers one of the most comprehensive RAID data recovery solutions in the industry, encompassing the entire spread of RAID systems:

• RAID 0 : Most common configuration, mainly used in external hard drives.
• RAID 1 : We utilize cutting-edge technology to safely retrieve data from your RAID 1 system.
• RAID 2 : Our secure laboratory has the tools, measuring systems, location systems and extraction strategies that are unparalleled in the industry. We have performed thousands of successful RAID 2 data recovery jobs.
• RAID 3 : We provide RAID 3 data recovery services for manufacturers of all RAID systems.
• RAID 4 : RAID 4 data recovery isn’t often offered by our top competitors. We offer comprehensive RAID 4 data recovery solutions that can safely recovery your data or information while maintaining absolute security.
• RAID 5 & 6 : Our comprehensive recovery services extend to RAID 5 and RAID 6 systems that have crashed, been damaged, reformatted or any other type of data loss.
• RAID 10 & RAID 50 : Platinum data recovery services can evaluate and repair or recovery your RAID 10 systems or RAID 50 systems in as little as 3 days.
• MYSQL Data Recovery & Database Data Recovery: RAID data recovery often requires MYSQL data recovery and database data recovery and management. We are experts at understanding the multi-layered RAID systems and their operating components and programs.

We specialize in RAID data recovery and possess comprehensive tools and resources in order to do so. Our RAID data recovery services have an exceptionally high success rate, leading to our reputation as one of the best data recovery companies in the world. Understanding why your RAID Configuration Hard Drives might fail is critical to developing a strategy for data recovery and extraction in the event that your system or hardware fails. The following are a number of reasons that you might experience data loss in your RAID configured system:

• Multiple hard drives failure/ Hard drives in offline mode
• Intermittent drive failure resulting in configuration corruption
• RAID volumes or arrays that won’t mount
• Configuration corruption or damage
• Addition of incompatible drives
• Software corruption/Hardware conflicts
• RAID array / Controller Card Failure
• Controller Card Set-up Corruption
• RAID Container Crash
• Server won’t boot
• Server registry configuration lost
• Rebuild failure
• Damaged striping

Whatever the cause of your RAID configuration failure, rest assured that we have the skills, facilities, tools and expertise needed to recover your data securely and as completely as possible. Whatever your needs are, we understand that a fast, reliable and confidential solution is the only acceptable choice, and Platinum Data Recovery rises to this occasion the first time; every time.

If you require RAID data recovery services, please stop using your system and call us immediately. Further use or attempts at data retrieval could make the problem worse or even completely destroy the remaining data. Protect your information and act now – call us to set up a free, no obligation evaluation.

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