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  • Testimonial

    I give this company 5 stars! Data recovery service and customer service were on very high level. I’m not very good at computers, that’s why Sam made it really simple and understandable. He gave me 10 minutes training why my hard drive crashed and showed everything on examples. Thank you Platinum data recovery I will recommend you to my family and friends.

    Mary G., MBA University of California, Los Angeles

    I must say that I was really worried when my hard drive stopped working. I thought my data was lost forever. The Platinum Data Recovery team saved my life! The team is very friendly, but very professional. They clearly enjoy their work. I was impressed by the depth of their knowledge in all aspects of the data recovery process, including the importance of keeping data confidential. They pointed out possible sources of the problem and advised me on how to prevent similar problems in the future. They also recommended that I back up my data regularly.

    Susan Simon, MD USC Medical Center

    My wife and I lost our data at the worst possible time: just a few weeks before the April 15th tax deadline. The team at Platinum Data Recovery saved the day! They diagnosed the problem quickly and regarded the recovery of our data as one of their top priorities. I was surprised by their speed and efficiency. My experience with Platinum Data Recovery definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only were they friendly, but also fair when it came to pricing. Our lost data was fully restored and we were able to access the information necessary to file our taxes prior to the deadline. Platinum Data Recovery also recommended we take certain precautions to prevent future accidents.

    Best Regards Kevin Burn

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